“Bad Things” by Machine Gun Kelly ft. Camila Cabello Hits #1 on iTunes Charts Shortly After Music Video Drops

Tuesday’s Talk about It is all about Cleveland based rapper Machine Gun Kelly  who partners with the Cuban Queen herself Camila Cabello to drop not only their latest single but a music video to match. It’s a Romeo and Juliet from the streets vibe which is amazing so it makes sense the song has gone to #1 on the hip hop charts on iTunes…. Continue reading

Androgynous Australian Icon Ruby Rose Drops Music Video With The Veronicas

You know her as Litchfield’s hottest prison inmate, but she’s also Australian activist, DJ, and now music video writer and producer, Ruby Rose. If you’re looking to witness this androgynous goddess outside the Netflix scene, then look no further. This video is going to give you life. Continue reading

Ariana DeBoo And The New Macklemore Track About Opioid Addiction In America

Don’t get confused between the similar sounding names. Ariana DeBoo, with her Seattle infused smokey voice is just as large in talent as her name twin Ariana Grande. Getting her initial start on tracks with Sam Lachow her talent is extremely versatile.

DeBoo began her solo career in 2015 yet near the end of 2016 is when we can anticipate for her to make her imprinted mark in the industry with her feature chorus on the newest track to be released from the dynamic duo Macklemore & Ryan Lewis. Macklemore and Lewis both themselves Seattle natives as well, came to the conclusion to add DeBoo to the track while Macklemore was making the MTV documentary “Prescription For Change” which features the discussion about opioid abuse and misuse in America.

She has her own YouTube channel where she has released some amazing covers that I suggest you check out. Like her own softer version of the hit song by The Chainsmokers, Roses. Which she plays acoustically and gives it a sweet jazz feel.

The newest track entitled “Drug Dealer” for those of you OG Macklemore and Ryan Lewis fans will sense a slight similarity between their 2011 release of “Otherside” featuring Fences.  Which talks about and addresses throughout the song drug use and abuse. This newest track however is a matured sound and within the 5 years since a song like this has been released adding Deboo to the track was an ingenious decision.

Deboo’s chorus comes in and lyrically gets across the entire message of the song while allowing her voice to soothe you into the story of pain that the opioid epidemic has caused and is causing. This is  what Macklemore is rapping about in the track. There is a soulful vibe to her voice that gets across the reality of the pain when it comes to drug abuse in America.

Being so young and already so talented in the industry she is just beginning in, Ariana is this weeks recipient of being named the “Working Woman of Wednesday’s”. She is out there doing her craft and doing it well. Respect to you Ariana, keep it up girl!

Until the song gathers more momentum we won’t know if the song is personal to her in anyway or why she choose to speak about an issue like this and to be on this amazing track. Macklemore and Ryan Lewis along with DeBoo will hopefully be getting the song to go viral on radio stations in the coming months. Amazing song, amazing message. Support the artists and their content here:

Ariana DeBoo:
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Macklemore and Ryan Lewis ft. Ariana DeBoo “Drug Dealer”
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Phoebe Ryan is the new name you should have already heard of….

Back In July 2016 Phoebe Ryan (follow her on Twitter)  released her single with rapper Kid Ink.
Ink, who was featured on the 2015 multi-platinum hit “Worth It” by  Fifth Harmony was featured on Ryan’s track entitled Dollar Bill. A youth anthem of fun and freedom, resembling close to the style of Charli XCX.
Though the single has yet to gain momentum Ryan was just released as the featured artist on a new The Chainsmokers song “All We Know” and we are SHOOK.
To follow up hits like Roses, Don’t Let Me Down and Closer all featuring a single female solo artist the next artist to be realized in The Chainsmokers latest single isn’t just yet a household name however she is sure to be.
Ryan provides a soft feminine voice dominating the track. This simple electro-inspired song is much different than their past tracks. There is no huge bass drop or any sort of major key change throughout the song, it’s simplicity with Ryan’s talent is going to make this song the fourth hit single in a row for the two man group.


“All We Know” ft. Phoebe Ryan
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Spotify: http://smarturl.it/AWKspotify
Apple Music: http://smarturl.it/AWKam

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(Monday’s) Talent Watch Of The Week : This blog will be going live every Monday and it in will include the top person I think you should be following on social media to see what they’re doing. This blog will be telling you the need to knows about this person and what they do. So if you don’t have time for all the posts you’ve got your one day a week fix.

(Tuesday’s) Tuesday Talk About It: Every Tuesday I’ll be blogging about a social media topic or trend that needs to be either trashed or passed. Whatever the trend or topic is we’ll be dishing it out on Tuesday to determine its fate. Trashed means that trend has got to go or passed means that trend has got to stay. We’ll soon find out what the verdict is.

(Wednesday’s) Working Woman Wednesday: As Fifth Harmony said, “Destiny said you got to get up and get it. Get mad independent and don’t you ever forget it. Got some dirt on your shoulder? Let me brush it off for ya. If you’re feeling me put your five high! THAT’S MY GIRL!”

That’s my girl, indeed. Every Wednesday we’ll be bringing to you someone whose womanhood and talent go hand-in-hand. You can expect to get a lot of fierce new females to fan-girl over.


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Those Millennials don’t do anything!

I don’t know who started the trend of giving millennials a hard time. Perhaps it was a group of really old men who are too sad about never accomplishing their dreams so they want to kill the dreams of their younger counter parts. Whatever it is the reality remains the same: they’re afraid of our success. They’re afraid of who we are and who we are capable of being.

We’re told that we’re too young to be so reckless, that we should slow down and take it easy. We’re told we shouldn’t invest in our dreams because they could fall through and then what will we do? To that notion millennials would say BRING. IT. ON.

We’re not afraid to be reckless because being reckless means we’re also fearless. That what this blog is dedicated to. This blog is to showcase those of us who are out their kicking ass in many industries that dreams are made in. Music, movies, social media, and more! Millennials in Motion is a reference point of awesome people doing even more awesome things.

Millennials are brilliant because in reaching and obtaining our dreams we remain childlike and never lose the passion life has to offer. We will gladly walk down red carpets with a juice box and fruit snacks because we fucking can. We are not afraid of our authenticity, in fact we embrace it. We flaunt our flaws and see them as the things that make us great.

If someone tries to tell you you’re just a millennial who’s phone obsessed and not well dressed, you bring them to this blog and watch them eat their words.